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August 4, 2020
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5 Metaphysical Basics To Know Today

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As a published author who explores the necessity of metaphysics in today’s society, I want to quickly outline 5 basic principles that you probably have not even considered as “metaphysical.” Getting familiar with these basics is key to taking the next positive step towards a life with sharper clarity, human understanding, and potential.

1) The Fractured Nature of Our Mind, Body, & Soul

We have unconsciously fractured these three aspects of our existence which forces us to live a divided life. So many of us stumble through life without even being aware of our fractured state.

Every feeling we have comes from our soul. Every thought comes from our mind. Every action we do comes from our body. Our mind converts our feelings, transforming them into thoughts which our body then uses to execute an action.

Think of our mind as a CPU, the soul as our software, and the monitor as our body. The CPU processes the software and runs the program which we see on our monitor. The computer system is a mirror copy of our human system.

Typically, we only use the mind-body combination to grow. Although all of us have the free will to choose the combination we prefer, the body-mind combination is our apparent default mode of operation without including the soul.

The truth is that each of your three foundational aspects comes with a seemingly built-in desire to stay independent until you make the choice to merge them together to form one unified, working operating system.

Most of the world’s population will carry on business as usual in terms of their existence, but those that seek to merge these seemingly detached aspects discover a way of living they were never taught in school. I go more into detail of how to merge these three aspects in my latest book, A Higher Conversation.

Our souls are an energy source – not just a concept. The soul is an entity with an advanced intelligence and consciousness. This is what really breathes life into our body even though it can’t be empirically observed. It allows us to choose the path of love, peace, and joy, but it never interferes should we choose a different path.

This is free will in a nutshell.

It all stems from the soul, but it needs to work in tandem with the body and mind for positive results.

Every feeling you have that is not on the pathway of love, joy, and peace is a tell-tale sign that your soul isn’t working in harmony with our mind. Without connecting your mind to your soul, your feelings are easily distorted by the ego which turns those feelings into fear, anger, and depression.

The cells in our body are hard-wired to respond to love, joy and peace. In this state, disease, depression, and danger don’t come into the picture. Chapter 9 in my book goes into more detail on how this actually works.

Take time today to really become aware of not only your body and mind, but also your soul. It’s the first step in breaking through our mountainous egos and avoiding a demoralizing trek through the valley of fear.

Now, onto the next metaphysical basic that so many people don’t recognize.

2) How Color Affects Our Metaphysics

Skin color is a biological efficiency created to compensate for a deficiency created by mass migration from warmer climates to colder regions. That’s it.

Unfortunately, this quickly became an issue for human ordination and subordination. Material possession cannot compensate for an evolutionary change. Finding ways to overcome a “dark color” does not take the elephant out of the room and it misses the point completely.

This hyper-focalization on skin color created a whole new set of hierarchical “disorders” that is deeply rooted in our society today.

By making skin color a key characteristic of value, humanity set itself on a different path that created a world full of differences with seemingly little hope to reconcile.

But biological color does not just apply just to skin tone and that’s where things get really intriguing.

Throughout my book, I describe our soul as an energy source. Energy has no color, it is translucent. Because we can’t see our soul, we think it does not exist.

Your soul has an intrinsic color that absorbs all visible colors and scatters them, much like a prism. The color of our soul is translucent and pale.

In terms of the human race, this noticeable scattering of colors becomes white, black, and brown. Physically, each of us have a skin color at birth due to the genetics of our parents and their geography. This is enough to spark a conversation with your soul.

Observed color is physical while meta-physical “color” is translucent.  This is the core difference that can help us understand our soul and see color in its true perspective.

Faith is not a vision; it’s a belief. Love is not a vision; it’s a feeling. The soul is not a vision; it’s the source of all feelings.

Just because our soul is translucent in color doesn’t mean it is non-existent. I discuss at length in my book how our focus on the physical over the metaphysical distorts our ability to connect with the soul.

After understanding this, we can jump into the controversial “Villain/Victim” complex that plagues us every day.

3) The Unnecessary Baggage of The Villain/Victim Complex

All of us attach ourselves to one of these two characters in virtually every situation in life.

You are the villain or the victim, and at times there’s a cognitive dissonance where you play both.

To most of you, it seems that you have been either victimized or you have villainized others at different times and in different contexts.

These are toxic states of mind that prevent you from evolving – how could you expect otherwise? You are carrying unnecessary baggage and stand separated, clinging on to your possessions seeking justice for everything that goes wrong.

Isn’t it but natural to fall into one of the two categories?

It only seems logical that this happens. We have been told that justice is an action, not a reaction. Reacting traps you into one of the two victim-villain isolation chambers.

 Removing the knee-jerk reaction eliminates the baggage of this complex allowing you to see the situation with a mindful precision to get to better, higher quality outcomes.

The end goal for a better existence is to not become the villain or the victim, but to be a humble hero in every interaction.

For example, we self-prescribe a label to every circumstance we face in the form of an individual gain or loss.

This changes dramatically if we understand that life is about giving not getting. Your soul has more than an abundance of resources and is not begging for more. That makes we can reconfigure how view everyday situations in our life.

No longer do they become about profitable vs unprofitable. We begin to see every opportunity as a means to connect with others on a metaphysical level, excluding any nature of profit, accumulation, etc.

Our abundance of love, joy, and peace found in the reservoirs of the soul becomes the new conversational currency. I discuss in my book how we can harness this new currency of love, joy, and peace to share with other humans to make the world a slightly better place.

But, what about the illusion of form?

4) The Eternal Illusion of Form

All forms must eventually end; there is no way around that universal truth.

From the stars that populate our galaxies down to the single-celled organisms in the depths of our oceans, form is temporary that feeds into the permanent cycle of change.

Energy, not form, is the engine of this cyclical change.

We know energy can never be created nor destroyed, but it continually presents itself through impermanent forms across a spectrum of illusions that range from perceivable to imperceivable (think material objects versus UV rays here, as an example).

A form is interim. It is the manifested transition from creation to re-creation. Put into proper context, we identify birth and death as two of the most highly perceivable forms of energy transition.

While developing a framework for my book, I realized that the words “birth” and “death” could be teased out to explain what they truly mean to us.

Birth is an acronym for Begin Re-creation, Transit Human.

Death is an acronym for Delink Energy And Transit Human.

Birth is a transition from spirit form to a physical form and death is the transition from physical form back to spirit form. We do not really die; we simply change our form.

The in-between is what we understand as life on earth.

Now we do not see the in-between period as an illusion because it appears real to us. In reality, it is a prop to enable us to know who we really are, but we have manufactured the illusion into our reality.

I go further into detail on this in Chapter 6 of a Higher Conversation. This basic is meant to merely get you thinking about the illusions of our reality and how you can uncover a new way of living once you get past the illusionary state.

After accepting this illusion, all our preconceived notions, biases, and judgements begin to quickly disappear leading to a completely different outlook on life – one that is worth exploring and pursuing for true meaning.

Now onto the biggest question of our human existence, can we attain immortality?

5) How Aging & Our Bodily Health Relates to Metaphysics

Age is an acronym for Advanced Glycosylation End as per Anthony Cerami, an award-winning medical research scientist in 1980 working at the Rockefeller Foundation.

Some quick science to set the scene:

Glycosylation is an important and highly regulated mechanism of secondary protein processing within our cells. It plays a critical role in determining protein structure, function, and stability. When this process ends, cells are unable to reproduce, leading to the aging of the human body.

The younger you are, the better glycosylation works. As you get older, glycosylation degrades until reaching its end. You become feeble and bent over; muscles weaken, eyesight dims, joints stiffen—preparing you for ultimate death.

Can ancient wisdom also shed more light on this process? Absolutely.

The timeless teachings found in the story of Gilgamesh help illustrate our innate drive to avoid this transition of form known as “death.” King Gilgamesh, the legendary Sumerian king of the city of Uruk, in ancient Mesopotamia in 2000 BC went on a quest to achieve immortality.

Since then, all of humanity has been searching for immortality. We are looking at biology, microbiology, chemistry, and biochemistry to achieve immortality.

Will we ever achieve immortality?

We already have if you recalibrate how you view existence and its transitions of energy between forms

We are immortal thanks to our soul. There’s no need to search for a secret recipe to immortality.

While our cellular body structure is not designed to last forever, our soul becomes the permanent variable to our existence beyond the confines of our physical, human existence.

Our form is mortal while our energy is eternal.

I know, it’s difficult to untangle a lot of this. But, a lot of our confusion is founded in the fact that we haven’t full accepted our meta-physical state.

That’s the core issue my book tackles for living differently in our world today.

Read more on this in my free eBook excerpt from one of the pivotal chapters in my book.

How These Basics Developed

Most religious books carry similar messages to the ones found in my book. The gurus, the saints, the prophets, the teachers, and the apostles spoke in parables.

No one really grasped the deeper meanings at that time, or we would have seen a vastly different reality in today’s world of 2020.

We can now relate to these lessons more clearly even when this wisdom is rooted in teachings first uttered 2,000 years ago. It’s time to bring the meaning home now. My book dives into this ancient wisdom and breathes new life into it that is fit for our modern world.

We get too stuck in the physicality of the issue, not the metaphysicality of it. We miss the depth and only skim the surface.

So, I ask all of you to start getting to know your soul and having that conversation.

The next stage in your evolution comes to fruition once you make contact with your soul, uplifting you to what I describe as “The Hybrid Being” which contains the ability to intentionally move between the physical and metaphysical.

Are you ready to take the next step in your personal growth?

Learn more about this metaphysical philosophy by reading the free ebook excerpt from a Higher Conversation.

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