November 13, 2020

5 Metaphysical Basics To Know Today

Estimated Read Time: 5-7 minutes As a published author who explores the necessity of metaphysics in today’s society, I want to quickly outline 5 basic principles that you probably have not even considered as “metaphysical.” Getting familiar with these basics is key to taking the next positive step towards a life with sharper clarity, human understanding, and potential. 1) The Fractured Nature of Our Mind, Body, & Soul We have unconsciously fractured these three aspects of our existence which forces us to live a divided life. So many of us stumble through life without even being aware of our fractured […]
August 4, 2020

I Am From Somewhere

WHERE AM I FROM? I am not from where my friend Jack is. He is from New Jersey. I am not from where my other friend, Jan is. He is from Europe. Where I am from? From a lot of places.  If we are talking about childhood it was a different place, another continent, if we are talking about teenage and University, it was a different place, also another continent, if we are talking about working, raising our children and living in my middle age, again it was a different place also, another continent. So, you see, I have lived […]
July 29, 2020

Winter is gone, but where is Spring?

WINTER I’ve not been doing welldressing up in winter, been looking a bit tired. It could be the heavy burden; our long winter is doing to me and maybe to everyone else. Winter is going, that is what we want to say, but it’s not happening. What I really want to do is dress up like Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie “The Revenant” and begin an arduous journey through the up north Canadian wilderness. Leonardo looks perfectly dressed and sharp for the terrain and the weather. It is my favorite film. This is where a human being learns to live […]
June 3, 2020

Artifical Social Constructions

Climate Many of us do believe that our world is collapsing slowly due to climate changes. And there are some who believe that we are just going through a phase, like the past. Remember when Earth began to evolve, we had three atmospheric make overs. The last one was the one we have now, downgraded. The weather today is not anything like when Earth started. Over billions of years, we as humans have interfered with the weather cycles to make it harder and harsher. We no longer relate, no longer care, and no longer love our atmosphere gifted to us. […]
January 22, 2020


January 2020 One of my worries about coming back to Toronto from Leamington was that the charm of the city of Toronto would not allow me to go back to the quiet farming town. Toronto is a bustling multicultural metropolis with a big and small town charm. A large agricultural community lives in the region of Prince Edward County. Picton is one those Ontario towns meant to meander. Kingston, a historic city and Canada’s original capital is one hour away.  Niagara Falls, a town also one hour away is grand, brazen and chintzy. Niagara-On-the-lake is charming elegant and tasteful and boasts […]