Poet, Thinker, Writer, Metaphysical Philosopher. Being a well-traveled, cosmopolitan writer, Neil has extensively absorbed the languages, backgrounds, religions, and cultures of our uniquely beautiful planet. Neil uses his soul as his compass in which he navigates another way to be human. Through his book, he hopes to illuminate this same compass for others so that they can discover their untapped potential. Based out of Toronto, He is an avid reader and a diehard nature lover. He observes, learns, and adapts from nature. His favorite movie – Avatar. He does not have one favorite book, but many favorite books. One author he admires is Ben Bova. He strongly believes that our thought is our life driver. From our thoughts we craft and create our experiences in life. His best line is: “I AM – Two of the most powerful words in existence, for what you put after them – You Become. Neil and his family enjoy their free time hiking, camping, and enjoying life’s endless experiences.

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