Neil David Chan

Neil can usually be found reading a book, and that book will more likely than not be a psychological thriller. Writing a nonfiction book was always on his bucket list, and eventually, with A HIGHER CONVERSATION, it became a reality. Neil loves to trek in nature to admire its beauty and simplicity, and otherwise spends far too much time at the computer.

He lives in Canada with his wife, and he is proud of his two adult children. Neil is a spiritual thinker and has been writing about his thinking in private journals. He has read extensively on world history and literature and has traveled widely across many continents, lived in many countries, interacted with many cultures and spoken to thousands of people.

Knowing that we are all a three aspect being of body, mind and soul, he wanted to engage his soul to merge all three aspects to form a singularity in thought, word and deed, which he says, is broken and fractured currently. This leaves out our soul.

By using your soul, he wants to tell his readers that the quality of your thinking, speaking and doing can dramatically change for the good. In an unusual encounter with his soul, an aspect of his being, he was able to talk on his ideas, accept ideas from his soul and do a mind merge, with an intent to change his mental construction and widen his human understanding. He was convinced that there must be another way to be human in this world. He now wants to tell this to the world.


This is an unique book, a conversation between a human being and its soul.

An exchange of ideas between a physical being and a metaphysical being, truthfully transcribed, tastefully written and thoughtfully delivered.

A revolutionary and life changing book by Neil David Chan.

This upcoming book is about Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, Everyday Psychology, Practical Metaphysics and Contemporary Spirituality Written in a Modern Language.

The planet we live in is the third planet from the sun. Our planet is 5 billion years old; we have had three atmospheres during this time. The first atmosphere was helium and hydrogen. This did not last long, because the planet was too hot. Volcanic eruptions led to emissions of steam and carbon dioxide. This was our second atmosphere. Later the water vapor condensed to form the oceans that cover most of the planet we have now. About 3 billion years ago, two different types of bacteria started to form, releasing oxygen and nitrogen. This became our third atmosphere.

Life started to evolve on the planet. This is planetary and human evolution collaborating with each other to co-exist and form a relationship. It was a great collaboration and a relationship. This collaboration and relationship broke down. The relationship between our Body, Mind and Soul is also broken. This is where my book A Higher Conversation begins, from all broken relationships….

Your SOUL is waiting for you to break ice and make first contact – this book will show you how ...

Upcoming Second Book from Neil David Chan – A Metaphysical Sci-Fi.

“Earth went rogue and is dying. A far away planet is the only hope. Time has run out. Humanity must escape Earth. If they fail, humanity may not survive. In deep space any and everything is possible. Discover an unforgettable journey and an amazing story. If you like Sci-Fi and stories of far away planets and advanced civilizations, you will love the first installment of Neil David Chan’s super-powered high-octane series. Click to read a book synopsis to find out.”

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