Neil David Chan

Poet, Thinker, Writer and metaphysical philosopher, Neil David Chan is the author of his new book: “A Higher Conversation” – Another Way to be Human. Being a well-traveled, cosmopolitan writer, Neil has extensively absorbed the languages, backgrounds, religions, and cultures of our uniquely beautiful planet. A Higher Conversation is the culmination of collective wisdom, discovery, and inspiration derived from his many years of writing, travel, and exploration.

Neil strongly believes in how humans are constructed as a three aspect being Body Mind and Soul. He believes that our soul has and is, a misunderstood metaphysical entity. Using his deep belief and understanding, he was able to connect with his soul to begin a higher conversation. Neil uses his soul as his compass all the time to navigate his way through life. Through his book, he hopes to illuminate this same compass for others so that they can discover their untapped potential and practice another way to be human.

His second book is on its way. He is passionate about making a difference in the world to help others find their compass. Neil lives and writes from Toronto, Canada, the true North, with his wife. They have two children. He spends his summer hiking and camping with his wife and their friends. Neil loves watching basketball, his favorite team: NBA champions - Toronto Raptors. He also mixes a mean cocktail.


This is an unique book, a conversation between a human being and its soul. An exchange of ideas between a physical being and a metaphysical being, truthfully transcribed, tastefully written and thoughtfully delivered.

A revolutionary and life changing book by Neil David Chan.

This book and the contents herein are the conversations I had with my soul, which reinforced my understanding of an insightful way to be human, another way to be a human, A conversation that is truly a beautiful experience, an inspiration from the call to make friends with my soul was heard. This conversation is what I experienced. It is not a lecture, neither is it a judgment. It is just another way to be human….

Planet Earth is the third planet from our Sun. Earth is about 5 billion years or more old. For life to start planetary atmosphere needs to evolve to allow living conditions. We have gone through three makeovers. As per scientists and studies conducted, our first atmosphere was Helium and Hydrogen. Due to extreme heat, this did not last. Constant volcanic eruptions brought in steam and carbon dioxide. Over billions of years water from the steam condensed to form oceans that today cover most of Earth. Then came the bacteria releasing oxygen and nitrogen. The amount of nitrogen and oxygen expanded and grew to what we have today. Life forms in Earth need oxygen and nitrogen to survive. Nitrogen and Oxygen grew larger and larger, allowing life forms to evolve as per scientific studies conducted by Eco- scientists. Ice appeared 2 billion years ago, and for the last seven hundred thousand years, glacial ice began to expand and contract. About 70,000 years ago, ice started to melt, and around 10,000 years ago it fully melted, leaving large blocks around the Artic and Antarctica.

Life started to evolve on the planet. Animals, plants, and trees began to appear, and finally human beings. We evolved while our planet cooled and evolved to make way for us, to make it our habitat. This is planetary and human evolution collaborating with each other to co-exist and form a relationship to self-support each other. It was a great collaboration and a relationship, the planet supporting life forms on it and the life forms respecting the planet and its atmosphere. This story unfortunately did not last long. This collaboration and relationship broke down. The relationship between our Body, Mind and Soul is also broken. This is where my book A Higher Conversation begins, from all broken relationships...

Your SOUL is waiting for you to break ice and make first contact – this book will show you how ...

Upcoming Second Book from Neil David Chan – A Metaphysical Sci-Fi.

“Earth went rogue and is dying. A far away planet is the only hope. Time has run out. Humanity must escape Earth. If they fail, humanity may not survive. In deep space any and everything is possible. Discover an unforgettable journey and an amazing story. If you like Sci-Fi and stories of far away planets and advanced civilizations, you will love the first installment of Neil David Chan’s super-powered high-octane series. Click to read a book synopsis to find out.”

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