Another way to be human

About 70,000 years ago, the ice started to melt, and around 10,000 years ago, it fully melted, leaving large blocks around the Arctic and Antarctica. Life started to evolve on the planet. Animals, plants, and trees began to appear, and finally, human beings. We evolved while our planet cooled and evolved to make way for us, to make it our habitat. This is planetary and human evolution collaborating with each other to co-exist and form a relationship to self-support each other. It was a great collaboration and a relationship, the planet supporting life forms on it and the life forms respecting the planet and its atmosphere. This story, unfortunately, did not last long. Human beings no longer respect the planet and its atmosphere like they did in the past. This relationship is now fully broken. Our relationship with our body, mind, and soul is also broken. Our relationships with humanity as a whole, with our community, with our close family and with our neighbors are also broken in many ways. We no longer understand how to create, sustain, and grow relationships. This is where my book “A Higher Conversation” begins, from all of these broken relationships. Relativity and physicality are two very important aspects of our life on earth. Breaking relationships in both areas is neither evolution nor elevation of our species. We cannot grow and develop until we mend this. So I started my quest, a search to discover my soul. This ended up in a beautiful relationship. Over many years, I have had many conversations with my soul. Of course, the language of the soul is by feelings only; however, these feelings can become thoughts that can be scribed and transcribed. I assembled these thoughts and transcribed them into words.

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Another way Earth could have evolved

It’s Earth year 2045, Earth is still following its obedient orbit around the Sun, as it has for the last two billion years. Its movement has however slowed down from the stunning speed of sixty-six thousand miles an hour, and in doing so, has created a change in seasons. It has also slowed down its revolving speed on its axis from one thousand miles an hour at its equator, turning from west to east and thereby changing the day and night intervals. There is more nighttime on Earth now. Earth is slowly dying. Earth and all its resources were completely abused over many centuries. The planet extracted its revenge. The atmosphere became poisonous, the oceans too messed up, to support marine life. Glaciers crept down from mountain tops. Icebergs on the poles melted to cover the sea and land in glittering ice. The melting ice cap poured torrents of cold water into the North Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf stream that warmed western Europe was cut off. Most of Europe was plunged into cold and desolation. Life is ending slowly. This great dying event, the largest known mass extinction event, killed 96 percent of all marine species and 80% of terrestrial vertebrate species. The land, the oceans and all waterways will, soon cleanse itself of the last traces of life. The planet will wait for eons before the faint stirrings of protoplasm that could begin. A few pockets of habitation in Earth, still carry humans, very few. This too, is rapidly diminishing. The end of Earth is very close. Human beings have utterly and completely self-annihilated themselves. Whatever is left of earth is about to be incinerated or gravitationally shredded. Our star’s atmosphere will soon push out into the solar system, swallowing up Mercury, Venus and Earth. Life that once existed will cease to exist. However, a handful of humans, have found a way to migrate to a planet called Seren, about 12 light years away in a FTL class starship, equipped with anti-matter, anti- hydrogen and exotic matter and is expected to arrive in Seren in the Sarien year of 3045, in search of a better world. FTL stands for faster than light speed. This spaceship will travel at 3 times the speed of light and will take 100 earth years to reach Seren. Located in the spiral shaped Bodes Galaxy, within the constellation of Ursa Major, on the far-right edge of the constellation, lies the solar system of CERES with 8 planets orbiting a massive Sun and a dwarf sun. Seren is the third planet in the solar system of Ceres. Held in an alternate universe, in deep space, deep in the Alpha quadrant, 12 light years away from earth, and at 5 to 10 times the mass of Earth, SEREN is like a super-Earth. Its orbit is inside the habitable zone, with a solid surface allowing for water present on its surface to form liquid oceans and even landmasses characteristic of Earth’s surface, although with a much higher surface gravity. So, striking is its resemblance to Earth that highly intelligent life forms developed like us, living in a very advanced state- let’s call them Highly Evolved Beings or HEB’s. This could have been Earth 2.0. All forms of life thrive in this planet in abundance. This is planet SEREN, and the people who live in Seren are called Sariens Each Sarien lives up to 200 years and beyond, due to lack of disease, disaster and destruction. Their atmosphere supports them, their food enriches them, and their thinking is what really helps them to live this long. A few live even beyond 200 years.


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