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Has “enlightenment” become a commodity nowadays? Yes, it has. It has become something that can be bought and sold through courses, 10-step checklists, and self-help gurus. Don’t fall for that. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works and not at all what I discuss in my book A Higher Conversation.

With three thousand years of spiritual wisdom from ancient teachings like the Hindu Upanishads 1000 BC, all the way up to contemporary spiritual writers like Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, and Eckhart Tolle of the 20th century, why is humanity still desperately searching for a roadmap to “enlightenment?”

All the books, religions, and spiritual teachings should have transformed us as a whole by now, right? That is the problem with today’s paradigm of “enlightenment.” This is the dichotomy we face today, so much knowledge but extraordinarily little application of it. Look around and tell me if I am wrong.

Truth One: Spiritual Teachings Can Only Go So Far

With such a wealth of wisdom given over 3000 years, humanity should have been enlightened by now. Sadly, it feels like humanity is going the opposite direction. We are nearly on the brink of world war 3. A virus that ran through the world showed us how weak our human health truly is at a global scale.

We saw this in the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918 and history has once again repeated itself at a much higher level. Viruses like Ebola, Zika, and now COVID-19 have ravaged our most vulnerable populations. What has changed with all the wisdom we have been “given”?

Did we really even learn anything since the Spanish Flu? Let me explain a bit more.

Spiritual Knowledge only enriches the giver. Read that sentence again.

All these authors and writers have amassed wealth through their teachings. They appear as celebrities now on talk shows. They give paid classes. They get book deals to write more books and sell them based on their reputation rather than their inherent value to others. No one has benefited from what they have written except themselves. For everyone else it has remained an idea because they are unable to do anything they write about. Their mind does not allow them to.

What has humanity got in return? Nothing. Humanity loved these ideas the spiritual leaders were feeding us. But that is as far as we got. Ideas. We experienced the idea, but never the being of it. So, how do you turn ideas into actions?

Truth Two: Turn Ideas Into Actions

Our world cannot change unless we change individually. We cannot change individually unless we invite a third aspect to the table. Ideas cannot stay ideas for personal change to occur.

If we just focus on our body and a mind, we do not have the ability to transform the idea, the concept, or wisdom to become a reality without the active participation of our soul. Here is an analogy: What use is a laptop without a processor built in? Nothing can be processed. It is just a bright screen. Converting spiritual knowledge and wisdom to make yourself live an enlightened life requires engaging your soul. Your soul is like your laptop processor. It can process your good thoughts and desires to make your mind convert the thought into words and deeds. Our human brain is a great transformer only when our mind tells it to. Our mind can only act if and when our soul tells it to. Left alone our mind looks after our body.

The mind is solely designed to help you survive as a body. It is loyal to you and gives you what you want, need, and crave. In doing this, it builds up an ego center that promotes and exhibits your body & mental abilities. This is the path that most of humanity is on right now. It is what made us become who we are now and led to the negative outcomes we see all across the world today. Do we call this a relationship? Yes, it is a relationship alright but a broken one. Only our soul can make the mind change this. Our mind is too powerful to be changed by our body. We need a more powerful energy to influence our mind- our soul.

This is what made us become who we are now and made us do bad things on the ground we live in, on the water we drink, on the sky that protects us and to people who live with us. Humanity has not found a way to live in the wisdom imparted to them over 3000 years of teachings ONLY because they have not brought their soul into their lives. We will go on this way for many more years until Earth is destroyed as we know it. War, weapons, virus, or the climate will wreak havoc on us one way or another should we stay the course.

We are living on the brink of destruction. Our topsoil is getting uncultivatable with chemicals while our atmosphere is being polluted at a rate that is unimaginable. Our waters are getting poisoned and ice caps are melting. We hate each other and are ready to kill in the name of sovereignty, pride, and a deep need, close to addiction, to possess and own whatever we can. The ground we live on, the water that surrounds us, the sky that embraces us and the people who live here are at conflict with each other. We are succeeding slowly and perfecting the art of destroying everything around us. All because we have chosen to remain out of touch and not recognize and engage with our soul. People need to start having conversations with their souls to make a true change.

Truth Three: Your Conversation With Your Soul Is Unique

There is no guide, course, book, or teacher that can dictate how you should interact with your soul. It will not work, and it has not worked for 3000 years. Your soul is unique to you and the conversation you have with it will be unique too. Humanity at large can change in the blink of an eye, by simply accepting our basic construction of body, mind, and soul. We are a three aspect being. Hiding away from this fact is what makes the world be what it is now. By changing ourselves individually, we can change the world we live in by making it a better, happier place.

I wrote A Higher Conversation not to show you how to have a conversation with your soul, but to show you what that conversation can look like. It is my conversation with my soul. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on courses, teachings, or books to reach enlightenment. You just need to engage with your soul and then link it and sync it with your mind and body to make it whole again.

Get A Higher Conversation here to see what that conversation with your soul can do for you. Then, start talking. I am sure you’ll have your own book to write after you begin. Good luck. More importantly, you will change your world, my world, and our world.

Make Earth Great Again. It was a great place- About thousands of years ago. We drifted away. My book will bring you back.

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