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World renowned quantum scientists Dr Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose say that they can prove the existence of the soul by their Quantum theory of Consciousness. They assert that our soul exists as a separate entity to our body. Dr Hameroff explained the theory at length in the Morgan Freeman- narrated documentary aired in the US by the Science channel.

What if we could trust ourselves to think that the original sin was a figment of imagination, beautifully crafted to sound like an advertisement to keep religion and the houses of religion in power long after the king’s rule ended. We have the power now, to break free from an overdose of religious indoctrination and see the original sin as humanity’s first blessing of being able to follow free will and choice. This was our first act of freedom, rephrased as original sin and we bought into it for nearly 2000 years. Adam and Eve as the first two humans exercised their first act of freedom in choosing to follow what came as a feeling to both of them naturally. To follow your inner feelings is a gift from our maker. Instead of celebrating it, this got chastised as original sin. Although the kings rule ended, a new rule by religious houses began. We need to break free.

I am writing this blog in response to this groundbreaking news and scientific discovery. My book and our universe has been saying this all along that we are a three aspect being of body, mind, and soul. And these three aspects work as three separate entities to make the human experience meaningful. This blog is a good after news feed. 

I am what I am, a product of many experiences from birth to now and I remain grateful and thankful for this opportunity to shape my life. Just like how a potter shapes clay to create a beautiful ceramic object, I too had the opportunity to shape and create my experiences in life. 

Respecting all that I became, assembling all of my collection of thoughts, memories, and experiences, I realized that I was, lacking in something. I still longed for more. The thirst to evolve personally took me to distant places within my mind. In this quest, I discovered my ancestry, not people but the energy that surrounds us all, the enchanting and magnificent soul. I instantly knew that in my limited and restricted state it would be difficult to expand my understanding. This is not something you can read. There is no human knowledge, on this subject. However ancient books, scriptures and teachings did show us a way, did give us a clue. Because these ancient teachings and writings were written in the language of the period, it was difficult to understand the concepts put forth and so largely the message went unseen and unheard. Pointing humanity to our soul began in 1 CE, a period before BC, and then went through 1500 BC, 551 BC, 400 BC, 30 AD, 120 AD and right up to the 19th century and as current as the 20th century. No one listened in the past and no one listens even now.

So left with no resources or a library to go to, I had to rely on my inside to find answers to find another way to be human. This is where my personal self- evolution began. I found out that I was a product of three aspects: My body, my mind, and my soul. I was constructed as one physical entity, with two other metaphysical entities. When this dawned on me, I began to embrace it. My life started a slow climb up a very steep mountain. 

By including my soul, I learnt my very first lesson in being inclusive. To be tolerant followed. Soon forgiveness was replaced by understanding. I got off the platform of victim/villain scenarios. This is where I finally understood that we are not broken, just a little bent. And this can be straightened easily. All we have to do is set up this zoom call, invite your body, your mind and your soul to a silent audio only call and start a conversation. 

As I got deeper into conversations with my soul, I was ready to scribe my conversations to create a book and share it. The purpose of my book was not to show you how to set up a conversation with your soul, rather, how a conversation with your soul can look like. A conversation with your soul can run deep and wide. There is no limit, no boundary, nothing is taboo. It is as free, and freedom is.  Self-realization is the takeaway when this conversation starts. 

My discovery was huge. Just like how an archeologist excavates human history, you are able to excavate your own construction. Once the realization that, we are made up of body, mind and soul gets fully integrated into your present understanding, life becomes very easy. As Joseph Campbell said, “We must be willing to let go of our life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” And this is what I did, I let go of my plans for life and I allowed life to show me that path. Now I wander freely and happily, without expectation, simply experiencing the joy that comes from all that I do. 

On this path I found lots of interesting things. Did you know that our brain is a bio-transformer and a biological computer, that converts our thoughts into actions by making our body speak or do what we think? I didn’t know that before, I do now. Did you know that what you think is played out by your body as words and deeds? I did not know, I do now. So, what we think becomes a screen play script for our body to act it out. We are driven by our thoughts. What we think, we become. 

Did you know that desire exists in our soul and in our body?  I did not know that before, now I do. The desire in our body is managed by our mind. The mind helps in fulfilling all of our body desires.  The mind does not help in fulfilling the desires of our soul, because the body and mind in union rejects the desires of our soul. This is the great struggle; humanity has been facing over millions of years. We tend to give priority to our body and neglect our soul. As a civilization what we are today is the net effect of applying this mind-body application. 

Desire is the creator of intention, intention is the creator of thought, thought is the creator of action as in words and deeds and action is the creator of outcome. So, if you do not like the outcome, go back to your original desire and review it. Obviously if the outcome is not in your expectation and you are disappointed, then your desire was not the right thing to start with. Choose a desire from your soul’s menu and be surprised at the outcome, pretty sure it will delight you. 

Did you know our soul constantly places its desire in your mind, but our body in union with our mind makes it go away? This is what is meant by being out of your mind. Working from the union of the body and mind is not in our best advantage, neither is it a balanced approach. In any triangle the center always lies in the middle of the triangle. In life too, our desire also lies in the middle of the three aspects of body, mind, and soul. So, a little bit of your soul’s desire and a little bit of your body’s desire is what makes us human. And this is a higher conversation to find another way to be human.       

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