Get To Know Our Two Human Personalities

Every life form and every non-life form comes with a basic design. Design is the basis of anything created. Creation is like the painter’s brush. An empty canvas is filled with colors and objects, transforming an empty space into something visually enchanting. Just like that, a human life form has its own design too. And what is that? This is a question that has evaded humankind for ages, centuries and beyond. From the start of Adam and Eve, humankind has been obsessed with using our body to create pleasures, pain, and purpose. Our history is filled with battles, war, conflicts, aggression and colonization of land, people, and material.

Human bodies were destroyed or conquered. Our greed to possess what we did not have, started all of this. Why was it not possible to talk to people and start a simple trade agreement: we want to buy this and in return we give you this- a fair exchange of goods and services.

War has been fought for many reasons throughout history. Blood has been spilled, kingdoms destroyed, and people slaughtered. Some battles played a significant role in history, some created legends which have been passed down through the generations. All of these ancient battles created great political and geographical change. Huge numbers of people were killed, and yet the battles continued. Some wars were the result of conflicts that could have been resolved in different ways. Often war was used to show a kingdom or country’s supremacy, and frequently led to the loss of innocent life. Nothing has changed from then. Nowadays wars are fought on the economic front: economic and political sanctions, and currency blockage, very less on the battleground, a few here and there ground battles, but significantly less in numbers than early times.

Here are some ancient battles fought as early as 1200 BC:

  • Battle of Kadash: 1274 BC.
  • Battle of Red Cliffs: 480 BC.
  • Battle of Salamis: 480 BC.
  • Battle of Thermopylae: 480 BC.
  • Battle of Plataeu: 479 BC.
  • Battle of Gaugamela: 331 BC.
  • Battle of Hydaspes: 326 BC.
  • The Siege of Syracuse: 219 BC.

This list goes on and on, spilling over to World War 2 in 1945 AD and beyond. The point is: humankind do not know any other way to resolve conflict other than using aggression and violence: a hallmark of primitive culture. Why plunder? why loot? why kill? Why wage wars?

The answer is simple. Our physical personality became dominant causing our metaphysical personality to diminish. Our process of thinking was driven more by our physical personality, which uses body as the main weapon to drive and fulfil the need of the time. This is primitive, very backward, and the sign of a very young race and civilization. Just as how a small child uses his/her body to fulfill needs, a young race weaponizes collective bodies to launch aggression and violence to fulfill a collective need. The similarity is astonishing observation.

Metaphysical personality on the other hand shuns violence and uses peaceful means to resolve conflicts. Making your metaphysical personality rise in equal stature to match our physical personality brings in the balance that is so vital for a human being to evolve and grow. Now what is this metaphysical personality? It is the way how we think, feel, and then act. Making our physical personality to look up and follow our metaphysical personality is the only way to tone down aggression, violence, end wars and conflicts and increase the chance of world peace and prosperity. Subduing our physical personality is a very important need of this hour. And it starts with you as an individual. Unless and until we change as a person, our world will not change. Ask yourself: how much of your daily life is driven by your physical personality only? This truth will set you free.

Because our thoughts drive us through life, it is very important to get our thinking process on the right track. Thought is the engine of all life. Everything we do, starts with a thought and ends with an action. Understanding the science of thinking becomes a very important task for all of us, in order to shape our resulting action. Remember our action impacts us and many others around us. Our metaphysical personality shapes our thinking. Who are you really now becomes a very important question? This determines and creates how we think. This is where the secret lies: this is where we are confused: this is where need the most clarity. If we believe that we are the children of our biological parents and mimicking their values and behavior and assigning our growth to them only then our thinking becomes very narrow and limited. This is just a biological process for any species to grow in numbers. You are much more than this and way beyond this narrow viewpoint.

No doubt, we owe allegiance to our parents and likewise they to their parents, it is simply a way of life. All life forms reproduce, and all young ones are cared for, nurtured to become full grown adults. All animals do that and so do we. This is just a biological process full of compassion and care. This is how life survives and grows to multiply in abundance all around. As humans grow and reproduce so does the animal family reproduces and grows and so does the plant and tree families reproduce and grow. Just a way of life, nothing extraordinary, yet marvelous and beautiful in the way all three life form families grow, evolve, and sustain on a planet. But when humans turn on their violence on the animal, plant, and tree families, this is when our world starts to turn ugly. Once again, a sign of our physical personality dominating our metaphysical personality. What have the animal, plant and tree families done or deserved to receive this extreme form of abuse, violence and death of their young ones and old ones? Nothing! Yet humans continue to inflict damage, death, and destruction to these innocent families. We don’t need to violently react to this fact, but we do need to change our thinking.

Let us discover who we really are and then all of this becomes easy to understand and so much easier to change. We are a physical being designed, using three components, and loaded with three systems. This design is our core. Understanding our core can help us increase our metaphysical personality, which in turn will regulate our physical personality. Our three components are Body, Mind, and Soul. Our three systems are Relativity, Forgetfulness and Consciousness. While body is the only physical component rest everything else are metaphysical components. Relativity is a system wherein you exist as a being in relationship to something else. Forgetfulness is a process of making us unaware of who we really are. Consciousness is a state of being when we become aware of who we really are working through the forgetful platform and understanding the relativity angle.

So, who are we really: We are a spirit, an energy, a highly advanced, super intelligent being materialized into a human body form? In this reduced state we lose all of our super abilities to merge with the body design that has a skeleton of bones into which organs, tissues, tendons, and muscles are inserted and finally covered by a bag of skin to keep everything hidden to remain in a protected place. The forgetfulness feature gives us an opportunity to discover our real self the powerfully advanced being that is still with us in a smaller size and otherwise known as our soul. The superintelligence is also repackaged as an energy processor also known as our mind. Now you know who you really are.

The purpose of our life is simply to walk on this planet as a human being discovering our three components and remembering our three systems and begin the process of living. As long as we stay centered on this core concept and building blocks, we have so much to do and so many miles to cover. Although we are children of our parents, we are something much bigger than just children of someone. We carry with us a very vast and ancient library embedded in our soul, super processing abilities available in our mind that we can use to make our lives and lives of others better, bigger, and more beautiful. Our human body is just a shell for us to achieve this very purpose of life as we live out this process of growing from a child to an adult and from developing our physical personality based on our metaphysical personality. Our brain only controls the functions of our organs and monitors the cells in our body. It has no ability beyond this. It does not generate thoughts another common fallacy created by humans. Our heart is a pumping machine to distribute blood to our organs, tissues, tendons, muscles, and cells. It does not generate love as commonly understood by humans.

Once we begin to accept our mind as the thought producing metaphysical component and our soul as the holder of all wisdom, feelings, and love as our second metaphysical component, we can begin the process of raising our consciousness to remember who we really are. This will change everything: our world we live in, our way of life and how we learn to coexist with our human neighbors, with our animal and tree neighbors and with the non-organic components of our planet, namely our atmosphere above us, our resources on land and our waterways all around us. This is how a planet survives and grows and how organic and non-organic elements on the planet coexist and evolves and sustains over a very long period. It all starts with you, and it starts with the understanding our two personalities, how to balance them and allow one to lead the other. This dance is the most important thing we can do to make our world a better place. And in doing this we become another way to be human.

This is A Higher Conversation and an important conversation to have.

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