Are We A Human Being Or Just A Human Doing Things?

We are a human being, but we have never done any being, we are busy doing. A state of being is a very different state from a state of doing. Being is a feeling and doing is an action. A feeling is experienced every time we do something. What those feelings are depends on what you are doing. Let’s go behind the scenes on feelings and doings. As a human being we are made up of three aspects that come at birth: our body, our mind, and our soul. Most of our lifetime is spent using our body neglecting our mind and soul. It’s there just not used.

Let’s connect our three aspects to the languages they use to communicate to us. The language of our soul is feelings, the language of our mind is thought, and the language of our body is action. Now thought is not generated in our brain and love does not come from our heart. Our brain and our heart are simply physical organs. They can ONLY regulate our body, and they are purely physical in its ability and function.

Mind and Soul are metaphysical, that which is not physical, beyond the 5 senses of a human. As a human being our life starts with a thought, this is the engine of life. From this thought we move forward. The thought is transformed by the brain into action by the body through neural links and so we do things that can help, hurt, or damage people and things. As a human we have that power. We are very creative this way. Every time we do something we experience one of many things: happy, sad, peaceful, violent, hatred, fear, love and so on. Our soul feels this experience.

So, who do you think is driving life you are: by your thought, you are in control. So when you think and say I hate this, I hate what he/she is doing or what they are doing, it rolls out the hate experience. Similarly, when you think and say I like and love peace, a peaceful experience rolls out. And so, what you think becomes your reality in the moment.

Your soul and your mind are energy units looking after a physical unit- your body. Can you see your mind, no you cannot? Try this, close your mouth, and keep speaking, you will notice you can without opening your mouth. This is your mind, working for you. Now stay very still and think of nothing, just become blank and in this stillness, you will see translucent vibrations all around your body through your eyes. That is your soul like a halo all around you. All of us can see it, if we stay still without any thoughts. When the mind is active, the soul is not visible.

You can talk to your soul and ask your questions and you will get your response back not as a voice but in feelings back or it will show you something by way of a book, an article, or a music or a movie to give your answer to the question you asked. It’s not that prominent as you read or see but you will feel it. Getting used to feelings like we are used to read or see is our next step in our personal evolution. And this is very important for our growth.

Now tie this up- think, speak, and do, thought word and deed, father son and the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is your soul, father is your thought, son is your body. Put in another way: Feeling is the Holy spirit, Thought is the father, Action is the son. It is always the Trinity that is at play in our world. Our physical world and our universe works on the principle of three: Past, Present, Future, Here, There and In Between, Peace, Joy, Love, Sad, Happy Angry, See Hear Read, Body Mind Soul.

Everything happens with a thought; your word follows and then your action. At the end of this you experience a feeling. Our soul is waiting for you to experience feelings of peace, joy, and love. And every time we get further from these three pillars, we experience very different things. Our soul is made up of peace, joy and love energy units and nothing else. So, life is all about remembering this and doing things as close to peace, joy, and love. This is when your soul, mind and body begin to merge, and you become a true human being not a human doing things. The only purpose of life is to experience peace, joy and love in whatever you do. What you do is not important, what you feel when you do is far more important.

And this is Metaphysics 101 and Metaphysical 101 in its basic form. Thought, Word, and Deed creates a feeling and if this feeling is outside the border of peace, joy and love we do not get the best in life. These 3 are the pre- requisites to a good life on Earth. Everything else is a secondary task. When the feelings of peace, joy and love increases by your actions, your soul increases the energy you need to keep your body healthy and wise. In this state of being anything is possible. Become the being in whatever you are doing.

When one day we learn to have only three emotions of joy, peace, and love and loose all of the other emotions, we will move up in our evolutionary cycle. And that would be the day we say – we are liberated, we are free, and we have become who we really are. All other emotions other than joy, peace and love are artificial social constructions we have created to attach ourselves in this physical world and that’s how we relate to this world. It is logical to assume that to own something comes with the fear of loosing it. And the more we own things our fear grows. It is also not logical that we do not own things in this world we live in. The idea is to own things but delink the ownership thought. Once we use things we own as a custodian and on a custodial basis, the fear of loosing it goes away. This gives us freedom to enjoy the thing we own and the opportunity to share it with others. And this is precisely growing up. Fear turns into love and in turn brings joy and peace with it.

Through the valley of life, we arrive at a future state of being. But we need to pass through many things of life to become that. It’s not life and its many forms that is the problem, but our thinking that is the root cause of many our problems. We are so fascinated with the things of life that we get caught in it and forget our journey. Robert Frost in his poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy evening wrote: “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

This is life and we made a promise before we were born that despite the many miles we walk in life before we finally sleep, we will become who we are: A human being living in love joyfully and peacefully. And that is the promise we need to keep.
It’s time to stop attaching too much importance in doing things and make it super important to becoming a being and feel the love, the joy, and the peace our universe so abundantly shares with all of us.

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