Stoicism, Spiritual Technology And Leadership

What is technology? Wikipedia defines technology as the sum of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in producing something, or the knowledge of techniques and skills. It simply means taking an input, changing it according to the system’s use and then producing an outcome.

What is Spirituality? Wikipedia defines it as a religious process of re-formation which “aims to recover the original shape of man” oriented at “the image of God. In modern times, the term refers to a wider range of experience to include personal growth, a quest for an encounter with one’s own “inner dimension”.

My narrative and description of Spiritual technology follows the two definitions very closely – By using our spiritual skills and processes to produce an outcome that can help us grow and evolve by encountering life with our inner aspects. From the time we are born, we are growing in physical size, learning, and acquiring knowledge and skills to create wealth in order to eat, live grow a family and live with others in a community. While this is an ongoing lifelong process, what are we doing to improve ourselves from our inside. This is where spiritual technology comes into the picture. It means taking our thought converting it into words and action in a very different way than we do now. We do things all the time, but it is the quality of our thought that is a problem. So how can spiritual technology help anyone. This is where I am going to start.

Spiritual technology is a philosophy I write about. This philosophy has the same underlying attributes as Stoicism. It just runs on a different platform, yes it follows the one basic understanding that Stoicism follows which is providing a framework for living well, live a good life and improve the virtues of your character, besides a host of many other good things.

The core difference between the two philosophies is Doing and Being. Stoicism is about doing great things in your life, doing things that will make you a better person and so on. What I write about is before you do these great things what state of mind are you in, as you do these things.
Being is very different state of mind from doing. As human beings we do a lot of things every day,
from the moment we wake up and to the moment we go back to sleep. Each of us do different things and that is allright, we have to do what we do. Now when you are doing these things are you happy, are you peaceful and are you loving? This is what being is all about. My writing is purely focused on this being part. In one-line spiritual technology is all about achieving a peaceful, joyful and loving state using the process of thought, word and deed.

Let us dig into what this means. If we assign the doing part to the body and the thinking part to our mind, the being part now belongs to our soul. Here comes the difficulty where nearly everyone doesn’t get it. Spiritual technology is all about making the body-mind-soul connection as step one.
For some strange reason all of us do not understand the term Soul very well. We as a human being are made up of one physical aspect – Our body and two metaphysical aspects mind and soul.
Because we do not or we are not able to see our mind and soul, we think they do not exist. They do.
Our mind is where all our memories and information are stored. No, it is not in our brain. Our brain is an organ, a physical organ not capable of storing. Our mind is a metaphysical energy.

Think of it like a storage unit what the IT people call the cloud. This mind of ours is an energy unit not in a physical sense as we understand. It is the bridge between the soul and the body. Our body executes what our mind thinks of and our soul experiences the aftereffects of our action. Our brain is responsible for our body to ensure all of our cells and organs are working well, this is all it can do. So, a disease is basically a change in your cellular structure, and this causes the organ to malfunction. You will not believe this when I say cells mimic our state of being. If we are angry the cells sense this and we lose a few cells, but when we are happy our cells grow and remain healthy.
This is why being peaceful, joyful and loving is a very important part of being healthy. Keep your cells in good shape and you will be in good shape. What we think, what we speak and what we do affects our cellular structure. Now you can understand how using spiritual technology can help us to remain in good health, besides a lot of other things.

This brings us to our next point in today’s discussion. Thought, Word, and Deed. Thought starts at our mind level, our body executes this through our mouth as words that you and I speak and then our body combines all parts of our body to do an action that is the result of your thought. Let’s take an example. On any given day we do a lot of things, let’s take eating for example. When we get hungry, our stomach rumbles and pains a bit allright, that is our body sign, but who is telling us that we are hungry- Our mind brings up this thought and transfers it via a signal to our brain which by the way is a a very powerful transformer. It converts the thought from the mind to body action by making you go towards a food source- a restaurant or to your kitchen shelf or the stove to cook and eat. Once you have eaten well, you smile and become happy. This happiness is a feeling that our soul is receiving. Our body is fed, our mind has fulfilled the hungry thought and the soul is happy about how you feel now – happy. Taking this analogy to all the other things we do; some are not as happy as this. When the balance of happy to not happy ratio changes in your life it also changes the cellular balance inside you. This imbalance brings on from a mild cold, a mild headache to more severe diseases and illnesses on a longer-term basis.

Thought is a powerful life driver; it is the engine of all life. Thought becomes word and then becomes action. Our Soul is also an energy unit like our mind but very powerful, made up of million, billion trillion energy units. It does not try to dominate or interfere with your body at all. It sends its wishes to our mind. Our mind then creates a thought and passes it on to our brain for action. What are our soul’s wishes? – To experience joy, to experience peace and experience love from all of encounters of life. This is the only purpose of life; this is why are born. To experience these three aspects in whatever we do, however we do and wherever we do. And when we align our thought, word, and deed on these three pillars in every moment of our life we will experience love, peace and joy and everything else in our life. Our life will improve – all the health you want,
all the wealth you like and everything else around you will brighten up. Living in life using spiritual technology all the worldly goods and worldly successes will come your way. We keep chasing goods and success without altering our state of mind while we pursue this. We fail at times, and we win at times. This is unconscious living without the use of spiritual technology.
I know this is a very hard thing to do. It is not easy to be peaceful, joyful, and loving every single moment of your life and in everything you do. Pls trust me you can. As long as you focus your thoughts on these 3 aspects then doing what stoicism asks you to do will become very easy because you are using the tools and skills, we are all born with: our body, our mind and our soul.
Working as a team, there is nothing you cannot do as long as you stay within the triangular boundaries of joy, peace and love. This is what I write about, this is what I talk about. This is spiritual technology.

Relationships is the key factor and the critical element for spiritual technology to be applied. Our relationship with people, places and objects- this is our perfect opportunity. We have no obligation in any relationship. We have only opportunity. Opportunity to showcase our true inner self. If we see this as the other way around, we would have missed the point completely. Obligation in any relationship is the virus that kills the relationship. Never do anything in a relationship out of a sense of obligation. Allow the opportunity in any relationship to show who you really are. If you did not know you are a being of love, living in peace, joyfully. There you go the three basic elements.

Life moves along with bumps and obstacles all around. There is a better way to navigate these bumps and roadblocks Relationship is the most critical component of our design as a human being.
And my book is centered on this core aspect. Relationships fail not because of the action of the other person, but in you failing to understand who you really are. Until you understand who you are, till then we will all bumble along this path, a bit of luck here, a bit of love there and a bit of joy somewhere. All of us ask why is my life not going smoothly? Now you know the answer, simply because you are quarantined outside the boundary of joy, peace, and love – nothing else.

And because our relationship is not going well, there are things we do when we react in pain and hurt when another in the relationship is being, doing and saying. We have been doing this as far as 2000 years back or beyond. Reaction is a reflux action that should tell you that you are not acting but reacting. When we react, we do so using stored memories in our mind making mistakes we have done before. But when we act from the core foundation of peace, joy and love our relationships will change and will never fail. How can you fail because a very powerful third element our soul is helping you along the way?

The language of the body is action, the language our mind is thought, and the language of our soul is Feeling. Happiness is a feeling, peaceful is a feeling, Love is a feeling. I write because I am passionate about finding another way to be human. The way we are human now, is not fair to so many other humans, to our environment, to the ground we walk on, to the air we breathe, to plants, trees and to animals. We seriously do not share everything with everyone on Earth. My book is about finding another way to be human. And the way to go is not the physical way, but a combination of physical and metaphysical ways. We are all part physical and part metaphysical.
Discover your metaphysical side and synch in. Meaning get to know your body, mind and your soul as your team and make it a part of your life. Trust me you will never need a doctor, or a therapist ever again- You will be in your best of health and in the best of wealth. Isn’t this so simple, yet so very hard to follow. Please try it and then follow everything what Stoicism says to follow- The result will be so huge – your feelings will be above and beyond – this is true enlightenment.
Everything else is not even close to this.

If we can use spiritual technology to improve our state of being, practicing Stoicism can do wonders to your life. Stoicism is about doing great things and spiritual technology is all about being and feeling great Spiritual technology can help you enhance your beingness, Stoicism can help you enhance your doingness. Put together this will elevate a human being to its next level –
Human 3.0.

If we as an individual can become this then a leader who is also an individual at the core can lead us in a very great way. A leader is never born, we are all born as individuals, leadership is something our society chooses for us. We cannot improve a leader if he or she has not grown as an individual.
Our world cannot become better till we as an individual understand the subtle differences between being and doing and how spiritual technology and stoicism can change you as a human being. From this altered state, a leader can do great things for his or her people by bring everyone in the society to become better individuals. Change must come from you, from your inside. Change must come in the way we think, way we speak, the way we feel. Then doing anything becomes easy, fun, and great. Our world is chasing wealth, everyone wants to become rich, while you do this how about we enjoy this process by being peaceful, joyful, and loving. Then the wealth we acquire becomes meaningful for us and for the family we have and for everyone you touch and everything you touch.

Robert Frost writes in his poem: “We dance round in a ring and suppose, But the Secret sits in the middle and knows”. This is the secret, all of humanity has been searching for since humankind was born. The secret sits right in the middle of us, and we have dancing on Earth for too long. It is time to make this secret a part of your daily life.

John Denver sings his song “country roads, take me home, to the place I belong.”. Yes, let’s all go home to the place we belong, to the place we came from. And this is possible only when you practice inclusion, accept diversity, and stop judging by making friends with your soul, uniting our body and mind with our soul. As they say charity starts from home, likewise inclusion,
diversity and non-judgmental starts from the inside of you. Make friends with your soul and unite your three aspects: Lets go home finally.

A Higher Conversation.

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