The planet we live in is the third planet from the sun. Our planet is 5 billion years old; we have had three atmospheres during this time. The first atmosphere was helium and hydrogen. This did not last long, because the planet was too hot. Volcanic eruptions led to emissions of steam and carbon dioxide. This was our second atmosphere. Later the water vapor condensed to form the oceans that cover most of the planet we have now. About 3 billion years ago, two different types of bacteria started to form, releasing oxygen and nitrogen. This became our third atmosphere.

Eventually the amount of nitrogen and oxygen grew larger and larger, allowing life forms to evolve. Ice appeared 2 billion years ago, and for the last seven hundred thousand years, glacial ice began to expand and contract. About 70,000 years ago, ice started to melt, and around 10,000 years ago it fully melted, leaving large blocks around the Artic and Antarctica.

Life started to evolve on the planet. Animals, plants, and trees began to appear, and finally human beings. Just as our planet changed over time, our perception of our planet changed too. How we saw and now see this same planet has undergone a huge shift, and this will keep on happening, because our understanding is also changing, adding new dimensions, shifting and expanding in breadth and width. This is planetary and human evolution collaborating with each other to co-exist and form a relationship to self-support each other.

We are a being that is constantly evolving on a planet we call Earth that adjusted its ground structure and atmosphere to accommodate the evolving human being. From the ancient Homo sapiens, we are now a more complex human being with more advanced body and mind capabilities. We have evolved while our planet evolved to make way for us, to make it our habitat. It was a great collaboration and a relationship, the planet supporting life forms on it and the life forms respecting the planet and its atmosphere. This story unfortunately did not last long. Our ancestors understood this relationship, we today do not. This collaboration and relationship broke down. Today we have a situation where the planet is gradually losing its ability to support all life forms, as it did earlier.

Human beings are no longer respecting the planet and its atmosphere like they did in the past. This relationship is now fully broken. Our relationship with our body, mind and soul is also broken. Our relationships with humanity as a whole, with our community, with our close family and with our neighbors are also broken in many ways. We, no longer understand how to create, sustain and grow relationships. This is where my higher conversation begins, from all of this broken relationships.

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