Diversity is a Way of Life – Our Way of Life

Another Way to be Human is to embrace diversity as seen on Earth, everywhere. Not only are humans diverse, but so are the animals who live in our forests and oceans. For a long time, the significance of biological diversity in the world’s forests and oceans was unclear. It is now known to play a vital role in maintaining the functionality and productivity of our ecosystems. It also makes habitats more resilient to environmental change. But the well-balanced species communities are becoming increasingly unstable. This holds true for human diversity on earth. It is vital to understand human diversity in the same way we try and understand diversity in our forests and oceans. All life is a gift to be enjoyed, as it was given, not the way we humans have tried to understand over thousands of years. By neglecting minor and poor communities living all over our planet, we are gradually making our human community unstable along with the species who live in our forest and in our oceans. We hunt and kill too much for food, we use the oceans for too much commerce, we cut and fell trees for profit and we pollute our atmosphere for industry to prosper. Our well-balanced human, animal and tree species community is becoming unstable for life to continue as it was planned.

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