Let’s begin this blog with a question and a story.


Over 3000 years our world has been overdosed with all kinds and all forms of religious knowledge, we never had a shortage of information – Then why is our world still so chaotic, so violent and totally dysfunctional in just three of many such words we can use to describe our world?
Not that any of the knowledge given was wrong. Or is it: because we really did not understand the context of this vast and rich knowledge. My suspicion is probably we did not understand it 3000 years ago and we still do not. If I have to use one line on this, I will say – we are far too dependent on DOING things. Doing can never help us simply because it involves our body in a solo performance.


This is an ancient story told in Hebrew about Daniel. A quaint story taught to children, it is at the surface, a story of a man who is saved from hungry lions by God – but it is more complicated than that. The CRITICAL spiritual lesson in this story is that Daniel – a man of great faith – is not saved from the lions by avoiding them – he is thrown right into the middle of them and then saved. And this is so often what we face in our own lives: being thrown right into the middle of our own lion den. Our lion dens are financial hardships; illness and injuries; relationship challenges and more. And as spiritual people, we chant, pray, meditate, affirm, and KNOW that we’re simply not going to be thrown in with those hungry lions, and yet so often we find ourselves free falling into the pit. Daniele was saved not because he did something, simply because he continues being who he was. Daniele could not have done anything when the lion’s den is closed by a stone on the King’s order and hungry lions circling him waiting for the kill. Most often we think that we can get out of our own lion dens by doing something to find out that it only makes it worse. This is because we do not understand that our lion dens were created by ourselves in the first place, and we are ill equipped to get out of it. We do not have all the data, nor the understanding. This is where my book begins.

Relativity and relationships are the ways we human beings relate to this world and to everything in this world. Let’s count how many relationships we have broken over time: Our relationship with our planet and its atmosphere is broken, the carbon footprint is growing in size and shape. Our relationship with our family, with our children, with our neighbors, with people we work with, with friends, with people all over the world and the biggest thing broken is the relationship with ourselves, unable to love ourselves, unable to live in joy and unable to live in peace. When was the last time you pampered yourself not your body but your thoughts of not wanting anything but to be happy with what is right in front of you?

We have made it extremely difficult to create, and sustain loving, peaceful and joyful relationships with people, places and things. This is where my book begins, this is where the story develops from all of these broken relationships. I say we are not broken, just a little bent. And this can be straightened very easily. Trust me on this. Its works all the time.

Let me show you the prime suspect in this broken crime. We are the criminal here, you, me, and everyone else. I say criminal in a good way, not meaning anything else, just highlighting and torch lighting a dark spot. Our relationship with our body, mind and soul is bent not broken, we can fix this quickly. Once we fix this, we can fix our world also very quickly. This will remove and vaporize the chaos, the violence the hatred, the anger, the rage, and so on. We were not able to do this in 3000 years, but we can do it now, only if we simply understand the chemistry and the alchemy between our body, mind, and soul. What – Is it that simple? This must sound like a fairy tale or is it too much of abstract talk. No, None of that. When we understand the simplicity of this one relationship, all other relationships will fall in place just like how you want it. What does one have to lose? Nothing, just an application of your free will.

Let me tell you, I informally studied comparative theology of all world religions. I had more questions, less answers. Pls believe me when I say this, that from teachings as old as 3000 years I did not find anything. But all of this rich knowledge had one common theme, one great connection, be it written in Hebrew, or Syriac or Arabic or Chinese or Aramaic or Persian or Sanskrit or English, it pointed humanity to a metaphysical source, a source outside of your body. And that local source is your Soul, of course the bigger source is God. Our soul is a local branch of the bigger source. The word Soul is found in many ancient books even as old as 3000 years. So, I paused to reflect and began my search for my soul. Here is what I gathered:

We are all constructed as a three aspect being – body – mind and soul. The body is physical, the mind and soul are metaphysical. Our physical body is assisted with two great tools – our mind and our soul. This a gift we get at birth.

Our brain is not the source of our thoughts, our mind is. Our brain is a physical organ, it cannot create metaphysical things. Thought is metaphysical and our mind creates it. Now where does our mind get its thoughts from? It starts with your body, like Netflix who uses an algorithm to show you movie or TV serials based on past viewing experience, your mind also has a neural algorithm to replicate what your body is doing or likes to do. It then stores this as memory and gets you to react the same way every time you come across a similar situation. There is also another way it can get its thoughts from: Our soul. This is where it goes wrong. When we create a thought that benefits our body or our ego the consequent action is far different, your experience is also very different. However when we use our soul to create from the platform of love, joy, and peace, the consequent action and experience is far more enriching. Our soul is an energy of pure love, joy, and peace.

Our soul holds our mind and body together gives it life, without our soul the body or the mind cannot survive, think of it like electricity to a machine.

When we create thoughts from our soul on the runway of love, peace, and joy, we get to fly, we get to create, and we remain abundantly healthy. And our overall life improves drastically. This is the power of Spiritual technology, way better than AI or machine-based technology.

Till we get comfortable with this connection we could remain dysfunctional, chaotic, violent at times, peaceful at times and so on. Only when we change from our inside can our world change from the outside.

My book is a conversation between a physical being and a metaphysical being. What my soul speaks is in italics in my book, this is how you will know who is speaking. The wisdom that my soul gives is beyond this world, call it divine dictation. And you can do it too. I did not write my book to show you how to have a conversation with your soul, rather how a conversation with your soul looks like so that you could have your own conversation with your soul.

Unless we filter our current thinking and our thoughts we cannot evolve further. Thought is the engine of life; it sets into motion what you will do. Let me take you to a famous line: I am…. What you put after these two words, you become. My book tells you this, read the ideas and concepts my soul speaks about and see if you can shape your thoughts maybe not exactly but somewhere close and see your life change forever.

Let me end by saying that you will gain nothing by reading my book hold on, let me tell you what you can lose by reading my book: All of your anxiety, all of your depression, all of your fear, all of your violence, all of your rage, all of your negative emotions to become an enlightened person loving all of life, living in peace, joyfully for all of your life, with all of life. Isn’t this worth fighting for? – Give it all you got? I say It’s worth fighting for- But You get to choose, you get to decide. No one but you. Because the change must come from you. By inspiration not by instruction. Not by doing but by thinking and doing. Bring your soul to the table where you sit with your body and mind. One is lonesome, two is boring, three is a party. Thank you.

All our life from birth we have been told that we are less magnificent, and we need to rise up. We are less of something and too much of something else- be seen not heard and so on. These are the messages you have received so far. We were told that love is conditional, and you have felt this condition many times in your life as you grew up and this is the experience you take into your own love relationships. From this experience you draw your own conclusions. I say we have forgotten to what it was like to be loved without condition. This is a fear-based love reality.

Try and become the being who you are and stop doing things that does not serve you, rather defines you as who you are not.

Staying peaceful like this gentle stream and flowing is very good for you.

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