January 2020

One of my worries about coming back to Toronto from Leamington was that the charm of the city of Toronto would not allow me to go back to the quiet farming town. Toronto is a bustling multicultural metropolis with a big and small town charm. A large agricultural community lives in the region of Prince Edward County. Picton is one those Ontario towns meant to meander. Kingston, a historic city and Canada’s original capital is one hour away.  Niagara Falls, a town also one hour away is grand, brazen and chintzy. Niagara-On-the-lake is charming elegant and tasteful and boasts its annual Shaw Theatre festival. All around Toronto, the area is known and famous for its wineries and vineyards, milk and dairy farms, cattle and cow farms, beaches, forests and cycling/walking trails. Surrounded by exquisitely gentrified heritage homes, gardens and art museums, Toronto is a charming city with a bit of rural, a bit of urban and a whole lot of medieval charm, rich in history and with an abundance of inclusiveness. Its plants are diverse, its beaches are diverse, its lakes and ponds are diverse, its history is diverse, its weather and climate are diverse, from cruel winters, to kind springs, to caring summers and beautiful falls. And best of all – its people are diverse. Art and Alcohol, restaurants and bars, museums and gardens, forests and hills, lakes and ponds, all seem to live harmoniously in this city, co-exiting peacefully.  Another way for a City to be….

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